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Hemptation Hemp Tea
Hemptation Hemp Tea

Hemptation Hemp Tea

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Product Code: CBD-TE-BR-60-001-2
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Feature: This stimulating & invigorating tea is refreshing & invites you to just go with the flow.
Feature: USA Grown, organic
  • Earl Green Hemp Tea
  • .09 oz USA grown, organic
  • Less than .3% THC
  • This heart-opening herb blend is stimulating & invigorating. The refreshing flavor and elegant aroma invites you to go with the flow, making it a great evening herbal tea for a fresh start to the night.
  • *Caffeine free
  • PLEASE NOTE: Due to Covid-19 effecting supply chains, some of our teas may be packaged in a resealable kraft bag instead of metal tins.

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